Minecraft Mini-figures – Series 2 Blind Box Codes

Like series 1 before them, it looks like series 2 also has codes on the box you can use to work out which figure the box contains.

The code is still on the bottom of the box, this time beneath the barcode.

Series 2

So far I’ve only managed to buy seven out of the twelve figures, but this is what I’ve found so far.

Edit (29 Jan 2014) – on closer inspection (thanks Peter), it looks like the ‘O’ was actually a ‘Q’, so the image and table below have been updated accordingly.

Edit (29 Jan 2014) – thanks to Peter again, X now identified as the Sitting (Tame) Wolf.

Edit (2 Feb 2014) – quite a few updates over the weekend, thanks to all that commented – seems we found the same ones!

Edit (8 Feb 2014) – finally got the last two and the Steve in Iron Armour is…… O!! – also updated the list with the official names.

Series 2

Series 2

One thing I have noticed is that the figures don’t have their name under them on the box like series 1 does, so here’s what I’ve called them –

M - Chicken
N - Ocelet
O - Steve? (with Iron Armour)
P - Zombie
Q - Electrified Creeper
R - Zombie Pigman 
S - Bats
T - Wither
U - Steve? (with TNT)
V - Saddled Pig
W - Undead Horse
X - Sitting (Tame) Wolf

Hopefully my local shop will get some more stock in and I can carry on working out the codes for you – but please leave a comment if you find out any yourself and I’ll add them to my list.

So now we have the complete list, many thanks to you guys that helped find them – you can see who you are in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Minecraft Mini-figures – Series 2 Blind Box Codes”

    1. Sorry not zombie horse but I think supercharged creeper, I also thought it may be O but on closer inspection sure it was Q.

  1. Hi,
    Got a few more today thanks to your guidance.

    I got Pig With Saddle, Ocalot & Zombie.
    Also X which is Sitting (Tame) Wolf.

  2. I got the chicken today – the letter on the box is M.
    Thanks for this guide! My mum’s been buying them for me so I made her a list of the letters I have, and she’s been putting a sticker over the label so even though it’s not one I already have I don’t know what it is 😀

  3. Dude thank you so much I’ve got the four that are only in one packs so when three packs come out I’ll get the others and the new extra one that comes with the three pack. Thanks

  4. Just got them in the US and they have labeled the pictures on the box for all us dumb Yanks. You have them correct except:
    Q = Electrified Creeper
    Official names for two others are:
    W = Undead Horse
    X = Saddled Pig
    Haven’t found ‘Steve? (with iron armor)’ – that’s how the box is marked – yet so can’t confirm the code but will update you when I do

  5. Still can’t find any of these in the shops yet, our local Tesco had one delivery but nowhere else has had any figures for series 2

    Is there any news on the multi packs yet?

    1. Hi

      Did you find out about the multipacks please? I can’t find them anywhere so I’m hoping we haven’t missed them


  6. Last night I went to WalMart to get some of these and this website was very helpful and I ended up getting T=wither and N=ocelot. THANK YOU!!!

  7. Amazing.

    My mother, who is 60+ figured out these codes before folk on the Internet.

    She has been buying them by code from the first series for my son.

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