Minecraft Mini-figures – Series 3 Blind Box Codes

Feels like déjà vu but as with Series 1 and Series 2, it seems Series 3 have also got a code on the box to help identify the figure that’s included.

As with the previous series, the code is under the barcode and this time is second from last – you can ignore the ‘3’ at the end as you want the letter before this.

Series 3 Code

On the photo above, you can just about make out the ‘C’ before the ‘3’.

This is what has been found so far, from the few I’ve bought and the comments below –

Mini-figures Series 3

Mini-figures Series 3

Again, like Series 2, there’s no text to tell us what each character is called so here’s what I’ve guessed at –

A - Steve? (Diamond Armour)
B - Squid
C - Ghast
D - Mooshroom
E - Wither Skeleton
F - Zombie on Fire
G - Blaze
I - Zombie in Armour
J - Steve? (Minecart)
H - Alex
K - Cave Spider
L - Skeleton Horse

Like before, please please comment and let me know when you find the codes yourself!

 *EDIT 26/07/15 * four new codes added, thanks Guys!

*ANOTHER EDIT 26/07/15* just bought three more boxes and found another two codes, A and G.

*EDIT 29/07/15* got the last remaining boxes today so have added the final codes, watch out on YouTube for a video covering all 12!

26 thoughts on “Minecraft Mini-figures – Series 3 Blind Box Codes”

      1. Thanks – I’ve not found any series 3 in UK. Think we’ll have to call it a day and make do with full sets of series 1 and 2

    1. First saw these on holiday, in a Toymaster, in Somerset! We got one as a treat for our son which turned out to be the wither skeleton. I was getting previous series in our Tesco so will check next week when I go. Now I’ve got the codes I will be found sitting on the floor of the toy aisle sifting through the boxes, as I try to get them all then keep them in my cupboard to use them as rewards and treats for my boy!

  1. This is Great! My son (7) adores the Minecraft mini-figures and he has been using his allowance to buy them. This way I can help make sure he doesn’t get duplicates!

  2. I bought my son a mini mind craft series 3 to day inside was dimond Steve but his sword the opposite way round , on closer inspection I noticed it looks like a manufacturer falt as his feet look to be back to front to I think the head has been put on wrong , I still have the box with the code do you think this has been done on purpes rarity .

  3. So…. we just got the series 4 ones where I live here in the states and… well…. let’s just call it an addiction and say it’s even. First off, thank you SO much for this, I’ve been pretty lucky with random pick and choose so far (cept a ton of burning zombies) but this made my day right here. To return the favor:

    Series 4
    (if you’re lucky enough to find a fresh box they are in alphabetical order, front to back)

    A – Slime Cubes
    B – Tabby Cat
    C – Screaming Enderman
    D – Sneaking Creeper
    E – Zombie at Door
    F – Spawning Spider
    G – Rabbit
    H – Skeleton Archer (with Pumpkin Head)
    I – Steve? (with Leather Armor/Arrow Damage)
    J – Priest Villager
    K – Alex (with Cake)
    L – Sheared Sheep

    ** Please note we have not yet bought the Spawning Spider but we have confirmed multiples for the rest of the set.

    Hope this helps. I know it saved me a lot of money already.

      1. I’ve alread found series 5! Still no three-packs for series 3 or 4 yet. Series 5 is ice. Here’s what I’ve got so far, since you’re so much help to me.
        A5- spawning zombie pigman
        B5- attacking ghast
        D5- iron golem w/flower
        E5- killer bunny
        F5- Alex w/boat*
        G5- chicken zombie
        H5- teleporting enderman
        J5- siamese cat*

        *only available in single packs.
        I’m just missing a wolf w/bone, skeleton in flames, Steve? In mismatched armor, and a donkey w/chest.

    1. Can confirm the full set and the Spider Spawner. (me and the gf are going for full sets each, helps in the figuring out process)

      Does anyone know why some of these are going online for 30$ or more a pop? A minecart Steve? sells on eBay for about 20-30$ (usd)/13-20 (gbp) … think my money systems right on that. Either way, if you can snatch one for 3.50 around here and sell it for 10 times that…. i mean is that even possible or are people buying and selling their own stuff to make it look good for business?

  4. Hi does anyone have codes for season 6 that worked
    J was meant to be alex with shield but I got magma cubes
    The seriel code is 13160BJ6

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